Authorities cracked down on more than 9,000 illegal gambling sites

During the 17-day crackdown on illegal gambling sites, authorities across the country have raided and shut down more than 9,000 gambling sites, while also arresting more than 10,000 people.

The crackdown was launched on 15 September, following the order of Prime Minister Hun Sen to suppress illegal gambling in the Kingdom. This is according to the Ministry of Interior, yesterday.

Sok Phal, Chairman of the Task Force to Suppress All Types of Illegal Gambling, said that from September 15 to October 1, the authorities cracked down on more than 9,000 illegal gambling places in all 25 capitals and they have arrested 13,032, including 5,589 females.

On September 16, Prime Minister Hun Sen issued a decision on the establishment of a Gambling Suppression Task Force. The resolution states that the working group to crack down on illegal gambling of all kinds has roles and responsibilities, such as planning, measures, guidelines for the authorities at all levels.

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